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Your Home, Your Haven, Our Commitment

Home Insurance is designed to safeguard your most valuable asset – your home. From structural protection to personal belongings coverage, we offer comprehensive policies tailored to your unique needs.

Protecting Your Sanctuary

Coverage Options:


This essential coverage protects the physical structure of your home, including walls, roofs, and built-in appliances. Whether it's damage from a storm, fire, or other unexpected events, Dwelling Coverage ensures that the core of your home is safeguarded, allowing you to rebuild and repair without financial strain.


Dwelling Coverage

Your home is filled with belongings that hold both monetary and sentimental value. Personal Property coverage insures items like furniture, electronics, clothing, and personal effects against theft, damage, or loss. Whether it's a family heirloom or your favorite gadget, we've got it covered.


Personal Property

Accidents can happen, and when they do, Liability Protection is there to shield you from legal responsibility. If someone is injured on your property or you accidentally cause damage to a neighbor's property, this coverage helps with legal defense and potential settlement costs, providing peace of mind in unforeseen circumstances.


Liability Protection

If a covered disaster renders your home uninhabitable, Additional Living Expenses coverage steps in to ease the burden. From temporary housing to meals and other living costs, this coverage ensures that you maintain your standard of living while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.


Additional Living Expenses

Safeguard your rented space and belongings with our tailored policies. From personal property to liability coverage, trust Potomac Wells to provide comprehensive protection against unexpected events in your rental home.


Rental Insurance 


Choose Us?


Personalized Solutions for Your Unique Needs:

At Potomac Wells Insurance Agency, we recognize that every individual, family, and business has distinct needs and priorities. That's why we take the time to understand your specific situation and tailor our insurance solutions to fit your lifestyle and goals. Whether it's home, auto, life, or business insurance, our expert agents work closely with you to craft a policy that provides the right coverage at the right price. Our commitment to personalized service sets us apart, making us not just your insurance provider but a trusted partner in protection.

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence


With years of experience in the insurance industry, Potomacwells Insurance has built a reputation for reliability, integrity, and excellence. Our clients trust us to safeguard what matters most to them, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our comprehensive suite of insurance products is backed by top-rated carriers, ensuring financial stability and peace of mind. From our responsive customer support to our proactive risk management strategies, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional value and care. Choosing Potomacwells Insurance means choosing a legacy of trust, where your well-being is our top priority.

Get a Quote Today!


Protecting your home is a vital step in ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Get a home insurance quote from Potomac Wells Insurance Agency today, and discover tailored coverage options that fit your unique needs and budget – because your sanctuary deserves the best protection.

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  • What types of insurance does Potomac Wells Insurance Agency offer?
    Potomac Wells Insurance Agency offers a wide range of insurance products, including Auto, Home, Life, Business, Contractors, and Workers Compensation. Our policies are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, families, and businesses.
  • How can I get a quote for an insurance policy?
    You can easily request a quote by contacting us through our website or calling our dedicated team. We'll gather some information about your specific needs and provide you with a customized quote that fits your situation.
  • Can I bundle different types of insurance for a discount?
    Yes, Potomac Wells Insurance Agency offers the option to bundle multiple types of insurance, such as Auto and Home, to provide you with potential savings. Speak with one of our agents to explore the best bundling options for you.
  • How does Potomac Wells Insurance protect my personal information?
    At Potomac Wells Insurance Agency, we take your privacy seriously and implement robust security measures to protect your personal information. We adhere to strict privacy policies and use encryption technologies to ensure that your data is handled with the utmost care
  • Can I customize my insurance policy to fit my specific needs?
    Absolutely! At Potomac Wells Insurance Agency, we believe in providing insurance solutions that align with your unique circumstances, and our agents are here to help you customize a policy that's just right for you.
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